Company registration in Ireland

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Ireland is a country in North Western Europe. Modern Irish takes five-sixths of the island of Ireland
With highly developed European jurisdiction. Ireland is a member of international organizations such as the EU,UN, and NATO. Ireland is a parliamentary republic. Since 1937 – Ireland has constitution.

General information

Area  –  70 273  sq. km
Population  –  4 339 000  inhabitants
Capital  –  Dublin
Official language  –  English, Irish
Official currency   –  Euro (EUR)
Legal system  –  parliamentary republic

Legal form of company

Most of the companies registered in Ireland are private joint-stock companies whose shareholders have limited liability.
– Private Company Limited by Shares;
– Public Company Limited by Shares;
– General Partnership;
– Branch of Foreign Company.

Key specials

Ireland has agreements on exemption from double taxation with following countries:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Greece, Israel, Zambia Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus,
Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, the USA, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan.

Corporate legislation

– Companies Acts – The Companies Act of 1963, as amended by the main amendments in 1990, 2012
– Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.

Share capital

Private Company Limited by Shares    –  not established;
Public Company Limited by Shares   –  100 000 EUR;

Bank account opening

For Ireland Company we offer bank accounts in following countries:
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Hong Kong

The main requirements for the directors and shareholders of the company (Private company limited by shares)

The legal status  –  legal entity
Founders ,Shareholders  –  minimum one
Status of    –   private persona
Residence  –  must be resident of Ireland or of the EU countries
The Government
Director   –  minimum one
Status of  –  private or corporate persona;
Residence  –  must be resident of Ireland or of the EU countries
Secretary  –  one (private persona);

The main requirements for directors, shareholders (public limited company)

The legal status   –  legal entity
Founders, Shareholders   –  minimum two
Status of    –  private or corporate persona
Residence   –  can be any country
The Government
Director  –  minimum two
Status of  –  private or corporate persona;
Residence –  must be resident of Ireland or of the EUcountries
Secretary  –  one (private persona);


Value added tax  –  21%
Corporate tax:
Discounted rate   –  12.5% (For companies of manufacturers and companies which provides services)
Standard tax rate   –  25% (For Mediation companies, holding and investment structures).
Taxation incoming dividends:
Dividends  –  0% (obtained within the country);
Dividends –  12,5% received by an Irish holding company of the companies from the EU;
In other cases, the rate will be     –  25%;
Withholding on dividend payments –  20%;
Interest received on deposits is taxed at a rate of  –  23%.


The company must keep accounting records that the register of general meetings and meetings of the Board members
Submit an annual report.
Annual financial reports.
The company must file an annual return within 12 months after the registration date
Financial Annual Report must be submitted annually

Disclosure of beneficial ownership to government authorities

Not disclosed


New Company registration takes from 1 day.
Shelf companies are available.

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