Company registration in Italy

Service name Standard set Premium set
Company registration + +
Official address for 1 year + +
Apostil set +
The Power Of Attorney +
Bank account +
Formation fee 2500 EUR 2700 EUR
Fee for yearly administration 800 EUR 900 EUR

General information

Area  – 302 000 sq. km
Population   – 61 482 297 inhabitants
Capital   – Rome
Official language – Italian
Official currency   – Euro (EUR)
The legal system   – a parliamentary republic

Legal form of company

Limited Liability Company (SRL societa a responsabilita limitata);
Joint stock company (SPA Società per azioni);
Foreign Branch company Representative in Italy;
The Association (a non-profit organization).

Key specials

Italy has reached an agreement on the exemption of double taxation with following countries:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Greece, Israel, Zambia Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand , Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, USA, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Estonia, South Africa, South Korea, Japanю

Corporate legislation

– Italian Legislative Decree

Share capital

Limited Liability Company  (S.R.L)  – 10 000 EUR
Joint stock company(S.P.A)  – 120 000 EUR;
Foreign Branch company Representative in Italy  – no share capital
The Association (a non-profit organization)  – no share capital

Bank account opening

For Italian companies, we offered bank accounts in the following countries:
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Hong Kong

The main reguirements for the directors and shareholders of the company

Legal status of   – a legal entity
Founders,shareholders – minimum one
Status of  – private or corporate  persone
Rezidence   – can be resident for any EU country
The Government
Directors  – minimum one
Status of   – private persone
Residence   – can be residents of any country
Secretary    – one (private )
* Information about shareholders: stored in the registry


IRES and IRAP  taxes paid by Italian companies   residents
Corporate income tax (IRES – imposta sul Societa delle reddit):
the standard tax rate  – 33%.
The regionaltax on productive activities (local area income tax IRAP – Regionale sulle attività impost  Produttive)
Standard tax rate of   – 4.25%.
Value Added Tax (IVA – imposta sul Valore aggiunt)    – 20%
Tax on dividends(Gain Capita)   – 15%


Accounting records must be kept at the physical address of the company
The  audit;
Preparation of annual tax returns

Opening information on beneficiaries to government authorities

Not disclosed


New Company registration takes from 1 day.
Shelf companies are available.

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