Merchant account

Merchant services allow you to organize automatic (instantaneous) payments accept from your online store or Web service, as well as withdraw money. Merchant services provide tools to integrate  paymentgateway with internet stores and online merchant-account, where  you cancontrol the payments.Additional services of merchant account services may include: notification of the seller about the payment, issue of electronic invoices and control of it”s payment, periodic billing, instant delivery of digital goods, etc.
To create a merchant account is usually needed to complete the registration process as well as verification of your online store for compliance with the merchant service provider. In some cases signing of the contract is required. For their services, merchant account providers  charge a commission (usually a% of total payments).
Merchant Services are provided in the framework of any online payment system. However, this service lets you receive only one e-currency. There is also a number of merchant services specializing in payments acceptance of bank cards (such as Visa, Mastercard …).
The most advanced merchant services provide customers a wide choice of means of payment: bank cards, various online payment systems, offline money transfer systems, as well as payment terminals.

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